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Dr Beth Braun is a health psychology expert specializing in diabetes management, nutrition, and behavior modification for over 25 years. In her private practice Dr. Braun works with adults and children faced with diabetes , anxiety, depression and over eating. She works closely with JDRF, ADA and several diabetes camps running groups on how to stay motivated and integrate body and mind wellness. She currently runs groups for children and adults with type 1 in her practice. 

Dr Braun is  Co Director for KidShape, a family based wellness program for 25 years. There she developed curriculum to help fight type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes and childhood obesity.   Kidshape grew form 1 class at UCLA to a nationwide program. She was interviewed in media including Newsweek magazine, Oprah, and 20/20 discussing how family can develop a healthy lifestyle.  KidShape is now an online program and has participants from across the country. Classes include stress management, body image, nutrition and the keys for a healthy lifestyle.  

Dr. Braun has Type 1 diabetic for 45 years.  She started her career in diabetes and the poster child for Philadelphia JDRF and knew since she was a teenage that she wanted to help people with the emotional challenges of diabetes. Currently,  Dr Braun speaks internationally on mental health in relation to diabetes and healthy living. She is trained by both the ADA and JDRF in their new mental health programs connection the emotional aspect to diabetes care.  As a member of the American Diabetes Association National Safe at School program,  She works closely with schools, parents and school nurses protecting the legal rights of students with diabetes and creating the guidelines for 504 plans.  

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